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Welcoming Committee to have a new revenue stream of NEW RESIDENTS with the “In the Bag” program.

What is “In the Bag?”

This is a way to show new residents the amenities around them and the opportunity to advertise your business and/or a service to them. The idea is simple: To deliver a bag of goodies from local business to residents once a month. This will allow the residents to gain their “go-to” places, and you to gain business.

What We Need

For each bag we need one advertising specialty with your companies information and/or a brochure or flyer.

The Benefits

By the end of summer we will have a local’s guide.

As a 12-month participant in the welcome program

you will automatically have a 1/4 page ad included, with the opportunity to upgrade

the ad.

Need an Advertising Specialty?

We have you covered!


New Residents

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